Downsizing your home

Whether you’re a traveler, empty nester or someone drawn to a tight-knit community, there are several advantages to downsizing your home. If you’ve been questioning whether or not you’re ready to make the big move, these perks might just convince you. More cash in your pocket Aside from the money you’ll get back from selling … Continue reading Downsizing your home

Things to do in SRQ

With the weight of the last year nearly lifted off our shoulders, this summertime in Sarasota is going to be packed with extra fun and excitement for the whole family to enjoy. The sun is out, the weather is nice, and there are tons of fun activities to do around our city! If you’re ready … Continue reading Things to do in SRQ

April showers bring May flowers

You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal” before, but if you need a crash course, you can check my past blog post for a quick refresher. Curb appeal is just as important online as it is in person. If your landscaping is out of date or in need of some TLC, you may be deterring … Continue reading April showers bring May flowers

Is a home warranty right for you?

If you’re buying a new home, ask yourself these questions before signing up for a home warranty.

Determining the best home insurance policy

With tons of insurance providers in the market and certain variables to keep top of mind dependent on the area you live, it’s no surprise how daunting the task of choosing the right home insurance policy can be for new homeowners. If you’re new to West Florida and not really sure where to start, I … Continue reading Determining the best home insurance policy

10 DIY tools to always keep at home

Whether you want to refurbish old furniture, install new shelving or repair a cabinet, make sure to have these tools on hand. If you don’t, it’s time to hit the hardware store.

Ready for a fresh start? Hire a Realtor® fluent in The Meadows.

Amy Chapman is a Realtor who truly understands The Meadows and its community. Ensure your home is in good hands when you find a Realtor and choose to sell.

Poolside living: Is it for you?

When it comes to searching for a house, most people have a wishlist of criteria that they’re hoping to find in their new abode. Ideally, buyers want to check off as many of these wishlist items as possible – sometimes a swimming pool may be on the list and sometimes it’s just a nice added … Continue reading Poolside living: Is it for you?

What to expect if your dream home has an HOA

Homebuyers in Sarasota County, Florida, find homes in communities managed by a homeowners association. Ask these HOA questions before making an offer.

Shifting priorities: The pandemic’s effect on buying a home

After nearly a year of living in the 2020-dubbed “new normal” – where work, play and everything in between blended together at home – the pandemic has shifted homebuyers’ priorities. From optimal spaces with privacy to comfortable outdoor spaces offering a nice change of scenery, homebuyers are looking for spaces to accommodate a range of … Continue reading Shifting priorities: The pandemic’s effect on buying a home