Real estate jargon: What does it mean?

Like any industry, the real estate world has a slew of terms that first-time buyers might not be familiar with. Understanding terms like these allows you to be prepared for your time on the market. Ready to advance your real estate expertise? Take a look at the top jargon used in the industry below.  

Appraisal – An appraisal is an approximation of a home’s current value based on a range of factors such as the price of similar properties in the area.

Appreciation – Appreciation is used to describe the increase in a property’s value over time.

Closing – Closing refers to the final step of a real estate transaction when a property is finally transferred from the seller to the buyer. 

Down payment – The down payment is the amount of money a buyer has saved in order to purchase a property. Down payments can typically range from five to 20% of the home’s cost.

Equity – Equity is calculated by taking the difference between the amount owed to a lender and the market value of a property.

Escrow – During the home buying process, your money will be placed “in escrow” and is protected by a third party until the real estate transaction is closed.

Fair market value – Fair market value means the amount a property would sell for in a competitive market, or when a seller and buyer can agree on the price of a property.

Home inspection – A home inspection involves the evaluation of a property’s condition, including electrical work, roofing and plumbing before closing day.

Homeowner’s Association (HOA) – When a group of homeowners in a community join in paying fees that cover the maintenance of the entire property.

Mortgage – A mortgage is a loan that is used to purchase a home or other form of real estate.

Pre-approval – The pre-approval process involves a potential lender or bank reviewing an individual’s finances, including their income, assets and credit history, to determine how much money can likely be borrowed.

Right of Refusal – A lease or contract might include the “right of first refusal” to note that an individual has the right to put an offer on a property before it is listed on the market by a seller.

Title – A Title is a legal document that states who has owned a property in the past and notes any liens associated with the property.

Under contract – Under contract refers to a prospective buyer and seller reaching an agreement on a property. At this early stage, both parties are in alignment with the terms of the deal, including the property’s price and closing date.

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