How to Stage Your Home for Sale

Are you getting ready to sell your home? You’ll want to make sure it looks its best for potential buyers. Strap in, folks. We are going to talk about staging.

Staging is a strategy that helps bring out your home’s top qualities and minimize its flaws. If staging is done correctly, it will not only help bring buyers to view your listing and come to a showing, but it could also help you land an offer. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

Declutter your home

Show off your storage by decluttering and putting dry goods in containers in your pantry. Clear clutter off of your countertops and shelves and put away appliances like toasters, coffee makers or air fryers. You can sell or donate what you don’t need or even rent storage space until your home is sold.

Deep clean every room

Take some time to scrub your bathrooms! Nothing will turn a buyer off more than a dirty bathroom. Wash your windows and floors to get rid of dust and dirt that is tracked around your home. Ensure all the bedrooms have fresh bedding.

Make rooms look bigger

The bigger the rooms seem to be, the better! Add a mirror to create more light, open blinds and curtains and remove any unnecessary furniture. Keep your walls, furniture and curtains all neutral covers.

Depersonalize the space

Organize your shelves by packing away personal items. You can leave some photos and tasteful decor up throughout the home but keep in mind, buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the space.

Remove bad smells

Put your pets and their things away for showings. Some potential buyers might be allergic, so it is always good to make sure things are clean. Try not to cook anything that will linger in the house before a showing. Adding fresh flowers can brighten up a room and add great smells. Soft smelling candles, diffusers and a neutral air freshener (nothing too strong) also will help remove any scents. You want to neutralize odors, not mask them. The goal is to smell clean, new and fresh. With these few steps, you’re sure to make your home more attractive to buyers. If you’re ready to put your home on the market in Sarasota and need some help staging, contact me at 941.225.1500. I’m happy to help!