How do you know if a Realtor is right for you?

When it comes to buying a new home or selling yours – whether you’re a new kid on the block, or you’ve hit the backstreets a few times on the housing market – hiring a real estate agent will help you stay in sync with buyers or sellers in your area! Your agent should help take the guesswork out of the transaction by walking you through everything you need to know to make the best decision for you. How do you know which Realtor is the best fit for you? Here’s my insight. 

I want it that way

Regardless if you are buying or selling your home, the location, square footage and budget are all factors that will play into selecting the perfect agent for your situation. Comb through Realtors in your area, and do your research. Compare your options, experience and approaches, and choose a competent agent with a working style that clicks best with yours.

For example, when an agent specializes in a certain neighborhood you’re interested in buying in, that agent will be a valuable resource to you in terms of finding the right space for your budget. On the other hand, if you’re selling your home in a particular neighborhood, you’ll want your Realtor to have knowledge of the surrounding area to share insight on pricing comparisons and competing homes in the neighborhood.

As long as you love me

It’s important to evaluate your options, even with a phone or in-person interview to ensure you feel comfortable and confident working with them. Selecting an agent is as important as selecting a partner because they are just that – a partner. You want to hire someone who best represents your ideals and wants to see you succeed. Plus, you’ll be spending a lot of time together. Early conversations are important to help you gauge whether you connect with the person and what they can bring to the table in your partnership. You can ask them what their ideas are for improving your home to sell, their certifications and specialties, and how they like to market. 

Bye bye bye 

Look out for warning signs. If the agents you’re connecting with seem to be hard to reach or have issues following up with you, that’s a red flag that they might not be around as much as you need them to be when you’re ready to show or look at a space. Consider the tools they use to market. Are they out of date? Do they have a solid online presence? At the very least, your agent should know how to use a Multiple Listing Service. Experience is always a plus! 

You got it

Lastly, find out who you’re working with from previous clients. Request references and talk to people who have worked with the agent in the last year or so. Were they satisfied with their work? What went smoothly, and what didn’t go well? How did the agent deal with challenges? You can make your final decision about whether or not you’d like to work with an agent based on these conversations, testimonials and insight.

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