Top 5 festive holiday decorations for your home

‘Twas the month before Christmas, have you decked your halls yet? While this year has been a whirlwind, we’re all excited about getting to wind down for the holiday season. Whether you got a head start on decorating or plan to start after Thanksgiving, I’ve compiled the biggest items trending this season according to Etsy, Pinterest and popular interior decor blogs. Check out these five must-have decor pieces that are sure to spark joy and kick off your holiday!

Going green

This year has made us consider a large part of how we live, and for many of us, it’s come down to our carbon footprint. For example, did you know that you could cover 5,000 football fields with the amount of wrapping paper purchased in the U.S. alone? That’s a lot of paper! Luckily, there are alternatives you can use that are super stylish and eco-friendly, like Furoshiki wraps. These Japanese wraps are colorful, patterned and are meant to be tied around a gift and reused over and over again. But green isn’t the only color to embrace this year…

By Rodion Kutsaev

Joyful hues

Everyone’s looking for a little warmth this year, and it’s no secret that colors set the mood when it comes to celebratory moments, especially in the winter. Help lighten up your life with expressive, bold colors. Many are opting for multicolored lights to brighten up their space; others are selecting a combination of a solid bold color and an expressive color with metallic elements for an artistic and chic color palette. Warm and energizing colors are always a brilliant choice. 

Farmhouse neutrals

The best Christmas decor is the kind that matches your existing color scheme, so decide which palette you’re going for before purchasing or setting out decor. Whether it’s farmhouse whites or mid-century modern blacks and grays, neutral decor is a major hit this year. If you want a more minimalist look to your holiday decor, white, black, navy, natural wood tones and other neutrals can all look just as festive as the traditional red and green.


Incorporating new pieces into your holiday design doesn’t mean you have to ditch all of your old pieces. Instead, this year, try repurposing and giving new life to your existing pieces by pairing them with inexpensive, do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. From lining up garland accents around entryways to creating brass ring wreaths out of your child’s old hula hoops, new decor is just a craft away!  

Nostalgic decor

Living through a pandemic has made us all appreciate the little things in life, so naturally, we’re fully embracing the nostalgia. Parents are bringing out the handmade ornaments, ceramic Christmas trees and traditional poinsettia-printed table runners. If you’re ditching traditional holiday colors, you can still participate in all of the nostalgia by incorporating photos to your tree decor.

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