Five questions to ask a home inspector

The homebuying journey can be an exciting adventure, but there’s one part that everyone dreads – the home inspection. You know it’s coming. You know it’s a key part of the process. But, you don’t know what the inspection will find, or if it will make or break the chance of you buying the home you have your heart set on. Though, this shouldn’t discourage you! Home inspections are put in place so that you don’t walk into a potential money pit with more issues than Vogue.

When it’s time for your home inspection, there are five questions you absolutely need to ask your inspector before you close on a home. 

What does your inspection cover?

The inspector should ensure that their examination and assessment report will meet all applicable requirements for your state, HOA, homeowner’s insurance etc. If there are any areas you want to make sure are inspected, be sure to identify them upfront. You should be able to request and see a copy of the items they are looking into ahead of time and ask any questions you may have.

Are there any red flags?

Once you’ve found the right inspector, the next step is to tackle any red flag issues in the house. Are there any items that would cost a lot to repair without a strong return on investment? Identifying these issues as soon as possible can save time, money and stress. 

What are the most expensive issues?

High-cost issues – like roof, foundation, wiring, structural damage or problems with the HVAC system – need to be addressed before agreeing to buy a home. In some cases, resolving the issues may be more expensive than it’s worth. However, sometimes these issues put the buyer in a strong position to negotiate a lower price for the home. 

I don’t understand, can you clarify?

Once you receive the inspector’s report, identify the problem areas and ask for more elaboration, if necessary. If you’re able to attend the inspection beforehand, you can ask these questions as you go through the home. 

Is there anything I’ll need to do once I move in?

While it may be easy to forget the inspector’s report in the positive chaos of closing on your new home and moving, there are almost always suggestions for items that need addressing in the first few months of occupancy. Don’t forget to ask your inspector what tasks you should prioritize and get their advice on who to hire for help. They’ve likely worked with a lot of local vendors and can be a good resource on hiring specialists.

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